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NewLife Spa

Skin Care ∙ Massage ∙ Nail Salon

NewLife Spa is more than a spa, it is an experience. As we begin to show the signs of aging, we want these experiences that make us look and feel more youthful. While some women will spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on creams, moisturizers, emollients and an assortment of other hydration products, the fact is these are all temporary solutions.

Skin Care

Beauty & Youth Achieved

Younger women are not typically concerned with aging skin, they are more likely to be worried about acne or an oily complexion. The reality of youth however is that even at a young age skin is already beginning to age, whether or not we are aware of it. At Beverly Hills Anti-Aging we know that even with good over-the-counter skin care remedies, skin will inevitably begin to lose its youthful appearance as we age.


The Art of Massage

Our professional massage therapists know what you expect, they are trained and ready to serve as your massage guide into a blissful state of mind and body. Let us change your emotional and physical state of mind, even if only for a short while. We are sure that you will be in a happy, relaxed and completely peaceful place after enjoying your luxurious massage.

Nail Salon

Beautiful Looking Nails

Organic Manicure is a treatment for the ultimate relaxation, including cleansing, shaping, cuticle care followed by exfoliation with organic sugar scrub and paraffin wraps with 7 min hand massage finish with freshly painted nails.